Complete dispersal.

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Complete dispersal.

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States


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Hello all,

Well, we finally "took the leap" and moved to CA the first of September. The family is settling in nicely and we're getting a handle on where things need to go with the dogs. Our lead trainer has moved into our ranch in MO to handle training the rest of the young dogs that we have there and then he will be staying there as we send dogs back there for him to train from our partner in California's string.

Originally our plan was to just combine the Missouri and California kennels however, this week I have abandoned that idea as I just don't think that I can handle that much work. It would consume my entire life and I have young kids that need me. It has been a VERY hard decision to make and as most of you know, I have changed my mind several times. It’s very difficult to just walk away from something that has taken so many years and so much work and heartache to build. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do though and it’s the right decision for our family. Stud dogs, breeding stock, guide dogs and literally everything is available now except for our Elhew Snakefoot son.

through this process I have learned a ton about a lot of people in the dog world. In all my years in different businesses (real estate, sales management, etc.) I have never seen such a bunch of back biting, immature people. Not that everybody is this way however there sure is far more than it's fair share. This has been an extremely tough decision to make and the people saying that I have done this as "a marketing scheme to sell dogs" need to take a serious look at your intelligence level and evaluate whether they should express their opinions or keep them to themselves. At least sit down with a guy and get to know him before expressing an untruthful opinion. That's what real men do anyway.

There are quite a few dogs on our website that aren't listed below. They are all for sale and if they don't have a price on the website, just call and ask. I will do my very best to get it updated however, realistically it won't be for at least a couple weeks until we get settled in.

The brood females I have never advertised because it’s tough to sell a dog for $500 that makes a person $3000+ with every litter. Here’s a list of the brood females. Some of these have been trained and we just haven’t hunted them in a few years. I just don’t want to deal with all the questions on their hunting though since it has been so long so I am just selling them as brood females and taking the loss.


Scooter- Excellent female out of NC Showtime’s Rolling Thunder a daughter of 5xNC/NFC/NSDC/NASDC/FC Heidi’s Mighty City Slicker. 11/14 dogs in 3 generations are champions. Absolutely one of the best bred females in the country. Born 8/21/2002 $500

Lucky- Black and white female sired by CH Missouri Slick Cajun who is also out of 5xNC/NFC/NSDC/NASDC/FC Heidi’s Mighty City Slicker. Awesome momma dog. Born 9/9/2004 $750.

Roxie-Beautiful solid black female that throws great pups and is a great mom. She’s on pups now and will be sold after weaning. Born 4/10/2003. $750

Bea- Liver Roan granddaughter of both 5xNC/NFC/NSDC/NASDC/FC Heidi’s Mighty City Slicker and 3x NFC FC Rawhide’s Clown and great granddaughter of AFC NFC DC Dessert Dutch plus tons more big time dogs. $750 Born 10/2/2005

Dixie- Liver Roan daughter of FC AFC Kojac’s K-man who is a grandson of HOF FC Dixieland’s Rusty. One of the nicest shorthairs that I’ve hunted over. Her foot got stepped on by a horse though and she can only hunt short periods now. She’s also bred and will be sold either bred to Woody for $2500 or after weaning for $750. Born 5/25/2005.

Lily- Great pheasant dog and house dog. Daughter of 3x CH General Norman who is a son of 3xNFC FC Rawhide’s Clown. Great momma dog too. She went a little soft to the gun on us last fall for some reason. Not gun shy, just soft which was strange after she had been shot over so much. May or may not come out of it and I don’t have time to find out so I’ll take the loss. Born 3/30/2003 $750.


Misty- My personal gundog from day 1. Ridiculously hard core flusher and retriever. Born 5/24/2002. $1800.

Patty- Great momma dog. Daughter of FC AFC Teddy’s Ebonstar James who is sired by 2x NAFC/ 2x CNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac. Born 5/19/2002 $750

Annie and Cindy- Daughters of 4xGMPR Sharla’s Mighty Awesome Dusty MH. Chocolate factored. Born 3/25/2008. $1500 each.

Rose- She’s a Senior Hunter and capable of passing her master hunter. 10/14 in her pedigree are titled too. VERY nice gundog. $4500.

English Pointers-

We have 5 frozen semen daughters of Honky Tonk Attitude in various stanges of training. They are $1500-$4500. Call for details.

There are 3 females on the Crow's Little Joe breeding program page of our website. Any of those 3 are $4500 each. All 3 are hard core guide dogs that I have used on our wild bird hunts for a couple years.

4x CH Shady Meadows Little Joe Dan- The main stud dog of our pointer breeding program and one of my best wild bird dogs. He's my buddy and I hate to see him go. $2500

I have a bunch more pointers however my fingers are getting tired so I will move them to the Finished and Dead Broke dogs pages as I get to it.

English Setters: We have 3 female setters that are NSTRA or BDC capable and one that is one of our foot hunting guide dogs. They are all listed on the website either under Dead Broke Dogs, Finished dogs or the Guide Dog Females tab.

Also for sale is

1. Our whelping trailer. It’s an awesome setup for whelping pups. I’ll let it go complete with everything for $8500. It couldn’t be built for twice that.

2. Shady Meadows Ranch. It’s 37 acres with our log cabin overlooking the lake. Everybody that comes here says that we live in paradise. Take a tour of it on the website. It’s fenced and cross fenced and has a nice cattle operation set up with nurse cows (Jersey’s with 4 calves on each cow 3 times a year so each cow raises a dozen calves a year). It’s hard to find nice cows that will do that. They can stay with the property or I can easily sell them if a person doesn’t want cows. $250,000.

Our goal is to be completely sold out by fall and just use the ranch for training dogs from our partners string out here in CA. It takes a while when you have as big of an operation as we do though. Obviously, there are some tremendously good deals listed above and there will be more as they become available.


Shawn Eisenhauer
Shady Meadows Gundogs
P. 805-736-3869
C. 913-209-9647