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Well Started Gundog

  Bud Clouse

  NE-United States


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Several Gundogs that are priced to sell!

Pointers, Spaniels and Labradors.....many well started dogs priced at puppy prices!

$400 -- Started Wirehair. As pleasant as can be wirehair male. 2 years old in July. He points and retrieves shot birds. He will heal nicely on lead and come when called. Started on the collar. He is absolutely a beautiful specimen. This guy is not high speed and would make an excellent dog for someone who has lost a step. Ican't overemphasize how much this dog wants to be with me; he will bond with you and be a best buddy! Has hunted sharptail, pheasant and quail and partridge.

$1000 Powerful and pleasant. Retrieving maniac! Points, retrieves, heels, whoa, come. Whistle trained and collar conditioned. Ready to hunt. This dog performed spectacular last year on wild pheasant and quail. Started figuring out moving Roosters and made some really great retrieves on cripples.

$1200 Ready to hunt, biddible. On point in the picture last fall on a sharptail hunt at 6 months of age. This dog is for the foot hunter, he works close enough and could transition to Roughed Grouse

We have several Labradors currently available through clients as of 15 May 09.

$800 1-year old yellow lab male from great field trial lines. Started on heal, sit, stay, come and fetch.

$1000 1-year old yellow female labrador from american field trial lines. This dog is a speedster. Working doubles, sit, stay, come, kennel, heal. Loves the water. Started on FF.

$2000 Started UK lab female. 9 months. Very biddible, great mouth. Started on Sit, stay, come, heal, kennel. My wife and kids love this dog. She is in the house a lot.

Nice litter of UK bred labradors due 30 May 09. Get on the list for a puppy at $800 ea, $300 deposit.

Started 8 & 11 months old. 1 male and 2 females. Well bred. $1000 & $1500
- Shot over
- Retrieving
- Some house trianing
- Introduction to Birds
- Whistle started
- Some obedience
- Basic quartering


English Springer spaniels-field bred
UK bred labradors. Due May 30 get your deposits in now.