NSTRA ready frozen semen son of 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude

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NSTRA ready frozen semen son of 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude - Sold Out

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States



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Here you go Honky Tonk Attitude fans. Like father, like son. Rock is a frozen semen son of 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude. This dude cranks to the moon the longer you leave him on point. Rock is a HARD, HARD, HARD driving, straight up bird dog. Personally, I love him and love that in a dog. A person has to love hard core dogs to appreciate it. He's not for your average shooting preserve or put and take hunter though.

With an experienced handler Rock would tear up NSTRA trials. He could put down score cards most dogs couldn't dream of. This dog has drive that most people have never seen. His retrieve is as fast as his charge and his backing is tall and proud. Rock is literally one of the nicest dogs we've seen. As long as the need for cash is there, he's for sale. If it somehow disappears, then he won't be for sale. I have used him this winter on wild pheasants and wild quail in western Kansas and at not even 2 years old he holds his own with all our guide dogs including Danny (4x CH), Josie (2x CH), Molly (better then Danny and Josie) and everybody else. I can't say enough about Rock. My main hope is that I don't have to sell him or if I do, somewhere close would be nice so that I could breed to him. If I get to keep him, he'll be running NSTRA this spring.

Rock's ideal situation would be in Texas. They simply don't come any tougher then him. They don't come with more drive then him and they don't come with more bottom. He's as tough and driven of a dog as a person will ever put on the ground. He has a cannon for a nose too. This guy would be absolutely devastating ran from a truck or buggy in Texas. If someone wants a real man's brag dog, here he is. Contact Shady Meadows gundogs at 660-832-4233 and ask for Shawn or e-mail shadymeadowskennel@ckt.net