Finish Elhew Male Pointer

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Finish Elhew Male Pointer - Sold Out

  stephen byard

  7700 ECR 110
          Midland, Texas - United States



Lucky is a 5 year old finshed pointer that is steady to wing and he weights about 75 pounds. He is a medium range dog and would work good for someone that hunts from an UTV. Lucky is out of elhew pointers on top and bottom. His Pedigree goes back to dogs like Elhew Snakefoot and Elhew Strike. I used Lucky as one of my guided hunting dogs, but I am getting out of the guided hunting buiness and running only Field Trail Dogs. So if your looking for a great meat dog or a dog to use in a guided hunts, then Lucky would make a fine addition to your another dogs. If you need other pictures just send me an email.