Seasoned Yellow Male

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Seasoned Yellow Male

  Jeffery Whitlock

  PO Box 103
          Gallman, Mississippi - United States


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Jack is a Seasoned Yellow male with a Started title and two seasoned passes. I am selling him for a client who does not run hunt tests and bought him strictly as a gundog. It is that reason and that reason only that the dog has not received his HR title. Jack with very little work could easily run a finished test. He is OB, CC, FF, FTP, Swim By, and does exceptional blind work. He is very steady and loves to hunt.

Jack is six and half years old and has a strong desire to please, He is house broken and does well with children of all ages. My client has taken a new job and will not be able to give Jack the time and attention he deserves nor the room to enjoy his life the way he has grown accustom to on a large farm with several ponds and fields.

Jack will work for anyone and loves to hunt. Last duck season he picked up over 350 birds at the camp for several of the members. He is calm in the blind and weather conditions have no effect on him whatsoever. If you are looking for a well mannered hard working gun dog then Jack deserves your consideration. Feel free to call for additional photographs. He is current on all shots and there are no medical conditions or concerns, Jack just needs a new home so he can enjoy his life and be with someone who can use his talents.