Pointing Lab with title

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Pointing Lab with title

  Mark Madsen

  21120 Prairie Ave
          Morgan, Minnesota - United States



This was to be my dream dog. Zorro comes from some of the absolute top pointing lab genetics in the US. His father is Trieven's Twist and Shout and his mother's side is all from Blackjack Kennels. He has spent over a year at a professional trainer in CO that specializes on training pointing labs. He has his certified pointing title from the APLA. He is capable of jumping in and running more advanced hunt test.
He is 28 months old now. His hips and elbows are OFA'd and his eyes have been cerfed. He didn't pass his cerf so that is the reason that he is getting sold. He was to be a stud dog but has since been neutered. His vision is fine and has done field trial marks with the trainer while in Texas during the winter. He is a bird finding machine. Hunts extremely hard and is a great retriever. It's very tough to part with him but if anyone is interested get in touch with me and we will take him out and show you how he hunts.