started 14 mo female pointer

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started 14 mo female pointer

  Frank Thompson

  141 SW Torrance Rd
          Milledgeville, Georgia - United States

  478 452-4653


Mrawsum, Joe Shadow and Black Crude bloodlines
at the present good amateur trial prospect and /or hunting companion prospect
... extensive yard work and field work and ready for formal training
yard work (no corrections involved) include chain gang, buddy stick, barrel training, lead training & will come when called and been introduced to whoa
field experiences include being hauled in crate, many hours in field handled from foot and a couple of times from horseback...numerous game contacts which she has knocked and chased, flash pointed and several times held for flush and even for shot (38 blank caps) at times..... turns on command and will come on command...
now being hunted over and has had birds killed over her
478 452-4653