Stone Tavern Matrix/Grouse Ridge female

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Stone Tavern Matrix/Grouse Ridge female - Sold Out

  Dave Fredericks

  1011 Sebree Road
          Stampimg Ground, Kentucky - United States

  (502) 535-7164


Casey is a direct daughter out of Stone Tavern Matrix and a Grouse Ridge Female. Casey is 9 months old and showing alot of style as the picture shows. She points and holds her birds naturally. She is 50% whoa broke and is being whistle and voice trained. She has a high head and tail and runs with a smooth gait. She is a close dog, but I expect her to range more as she matures.
I bought Casey when she was 8 weeks old and paid $600 for her.(put a deposit 4 weeks before she was born). When I bought Casey my friend had told me he would help me train her, since then his mom has sickened with cancer and he does not have the time to help me, and nor would I ask him at this point. I am not a trainer and everything Casey has learned at this point I have taught her, but I am at the end of my training experience.
I am just trying to recoop some of the cost without having her miss her first hunting season. Casey has had all her shots and has been wormed weekly. She has been worked weekly on quail and pigeons.