Finished Blue Weimaraner Wild Pheasant Machine

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Finished Blue Weimaraner Wild Pheasant Machine

  Kim Wendel

  IA-United States



Smokey is a 5 year old neutered blue male weimaraner that has had hundreds of wild pheasants shot over him. He holds point, backs, retrieves and is an exceptional meat dog. He will live in the house or in the kennel. He is well behaved, listens well and is a very pleasing dog to be around. Smokey has been shortened up to hunt wild pheasants and will not chase and bust birds when they run. He will work about 40 to 50 yards in front, quartering and covering ground carefully. He is NOT broke steady to wing and shot. It is just not practical to do so hunting wild pheasants here in Iowa. Smokey is collar trained and is not bothered by a beeper collar. He will also hunt with any dog you put with him. I have never had a problem with Smokey not getting along with another hunting dog he just wants to go about his business and find birds. Simply put-- Smokey is a joy to hunt behind. Please call or email with any questions.