Started YLF, JH titled, Bubba daughter

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Started YLF, JH titled, Bubba daughter

  Kim Pfister

  W720 Cty Hwy A
          Stone Lake, Wisconsin - United States


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Windmere's Lil Miss Bella, JH. OFA hips good, elbows normal, CNM clear. Had normal AVCO eye exam, will re-examine before transfer if desired.

Sire: FC AFC Hilltops Hayseed. Dam: Misty Morning Raven.

Bella will turn 3 on 6-18 and is a lighter yellow. She has beautiful conformation, is 63 lbs of solid hard muscle with nice black nose and dark eyes.

Bella had her JH at 11 months and has been trained sporadically since then. She is doing well now on yard drills, is FF, CC, FTP, sits on the whistle quickly, takes left and right overs and backs. Marks well and does simple doubles, needs more work on difficult setups. She also upland and waterfowl hunts. She is an extremely hard driving and fast dog, not soft but does not require much pressure as she is very eager to work and please.

She had one litter of 9 nice pups in February and was an excellent mom. She will not do well in strictly a kennel environment and should be in a home setting, she loves people and gets along with other dogs and our cat.