Started and Finished Shorthairs and Labs almost ready

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Started and Finished Shorthairs and Labs almost ready

  Dayle Luedeke

  14497 395th Ave
          Stratford, South Dakota - United States


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We have several well started shorthairs and labs almost ready to go. All of our started dogs are sold out before the beginning of September.

Last season we had 25 well started dogs that were all gone by the middle of August.

If you are interested in one you may want to call early.

Our young started dogs are fully capable of giving you an honest days hunt. Most are in their first season. I also have some finished dogs available.

Started Shorthairs are obedience trained, steady on point, whoa broke, gun broke, have had at least 50+ birds already shot over them, retrieving to hand, force broke if time allows, collar conditioned, crate trained, jump and kennel on command, switch direction on the whistle or "HUPP" come in on the whistle. A dog of this caliber that is a year old or a little younger will run from 2000-2500 depending on the individual dog. All of our prices on our dogs are firm. Very well bred young dogs.

Young labs are completely obedience trained, forced broke, collar conditioned, jump and kennel on command, retrieving land and water, swing in and sit at heal and hold on retrieve, quartering, have had 50+ birds shot over them, steady in the blind, depending on the dog and time will be started on beginning hand signals(will have competent gundog signals for the field),. There will be two yellow females, one yellow male, three black females and one black male. All are excellent looking and have very good pedigrees. The blacks are Aces High 111 and Jazztime lines.

If you would like more information don't hesitate to call or email us.
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