2 House Broke, Male German Shorthair Pointers and English, Trained and Ready

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2 House Broke, Male German Shorthair Pointers and English, Trained and Ready

  Kirby Rust

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          Kensington, Kansas - United States

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MOOSE: 3 year old Male German Shorthair Pointer. Obedience, House Trained, Whao Broke, Force Broke, Wild Bird and Pen Raised Bird Experience. STUD QUALITY to Lead a Kennel. Line Bred Hillhaven Hustler straight from Gary Hutchison's Breeding. $4000

Cooper: Solid Liver, German Pedigree, Hunts Close, Points, Retrieves, Handles Great, This is a Beautiful Beautiful Dog. 2.5 years old. Super Nice Bird Dog, was in the HOUSE for the first 6 months of his life.

Gunner: 1 year old Solid Black Male German Shorthair Pointer. Pointing and Retrieving, 2 months of Professional Training. Wild Bird Experience, Works Close, Handles Great. AKC Pedigree. $1750

Chief: 2 Year old Male German Shorthair Pointer. Sired by a AKC Field Champion. Points, Honors on Site, Retrieves, Whoa Broke, Whistle Broke, Hunted in North Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska on Wild Pheasants. Close Worker but Works extremely hard. White and Liver. $2500

Rock: 6 Year old Male. Son of the HONKY TONK ATTITUDE. Points, honors, Retrieves. National Shoot to Retrieve Dog. He has 18 points, has not been campaigned since he was 3 years old. He has been worked on Wild Pheasants and Mainly Quail in Oklhoma, and Southern Kansas. He is a Wild Bird Dog Delux and Could be a Champion in one Trial. Best Wild Bird Dog on the Place. Outstanding Stud Dog. Rocks Brother is Standing Stud and Scott Millers the owner of Honky Tonk. $4500

Many others on the website.