Champion Bred Brittanys Finished, started, and pups

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Champion Bred Brittanys Finished, started, and pups

  Brandon Moss

  3526 Clint RD.
          Billings, Montana - United States

  406) 860-2205


Well started field bred male, and female Brittanys. Point, retrieve, come to whistle and name, and are starting to back. Strong desire to get out and find birds. These dogs can do it all, and will enhance any line of Britts. Smart and athletic. Trained on wild birds in Montana, and have had plenty shot over them. If you want a hard hunting, bird finding dog that has seen it all, and has the ability and desire to get it done these are the dogs. You will not find a stronger pedigree.

Dead Broke Male Brittany. Points, backs, retrieves, loads, come to whistle, and name, no problems. Has tons of Desire. Down right hunts. Will put him up against any dog. Has a long nose and can find the birds. Proven sire. The ideal bird dog. Trained on wild birds in Montana for multiple seasons.

All dogs priced between $1500- $3500. Shipping arrangements can be made.

I am clearing out my kennel aside from three dogs to use for future breeding. I'm keeping the ones I have had around the longest. The dogs that are for sale are great dogs, and will enhance any line. As well as being your ultimate brag dog.

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