Pointer female with a lot of run, Daughter of Copper

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Pointer female with a lot of run, Daughter of Copper

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States



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Hope is a 13 month old daughter of 15x Champion Stephens Bright Copper and her dam is also a NSTRA Champion. She is whoa broke, whistle broke, gun broke, here broke and has a great nose. Hope has style to burn. She runs with a cracking tail and carries herself like a little princess. Hope is a foot hunters dog with a lot of run. She stays with you real nice and checks back real good but jump in the gator and run her and hold on for the ride. This little girl will get out a couple hundred yards if you let her with nice side casts. Texas would be the ideal place for her or NSTRA trials. She handles real good and is one of the most pleasant pointers to be around that I’ve seen in a while. When not hunting she just walks along beside me like one of my labs. She doesn’t feel the need to get into everything or run around and check everything out. She’s either all business in the field or content to just hang out. Really, it’s a refreshing change from most pointers. Contact Shawn at Shady Meadows Gundogs at 660-832-4233 or e-mail shadymeadowskennel@ckt.net.