POINTER: fem. 3 1/2 yr: point, back, retrieve, hunt dead SOLD OUT

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POINTER: fem. 3 1/2 yr: point, back, retrieve, hunt dead SOLD OUT - Sold Out

  john leonard

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Mona , the dog in pic , is out of Pinehill Elhew breeding. Her grandsire is Pinehill Elhew Magnum.. The rest of her pedigree is Pinehill Elhew dogs.. She is a dog that hunts and stays busy hunting.. She will hunt in a range which allows her to stay in check with handler... She points and holds point. Backs and holds a back.. And retrieves with total desire to retrieve.. She has had total E-collar conditioning with "whoa", "here", and with her retrieving also.. I use a method of force breaking that is able to train a dog to become positive about retrieving.. And the dog's all become to have a love of retrieving .... I have spent 25 years of practice to perfect my method of force breaking.. You can read about it in my website.. Even though she has been trained with E-collar I can testify to the fact that I have not had to use it for quite a while.. So she is not a dog in need of constant E-collar correction.. Train the right way and the dog works to please the handler.. And this is exactly what she is doing...I am helping a client of mine to sell this dog.. As that I am a pro trainer.. He has several other dogs and has decided to sell some.. He is not selling this dog because she has faults... He has decided to sell her because he has other dogs that are doing great also. And is wanting to put the money he gets out of this dog into the new dogs...... This dog has been bred one time.. She raised 10 pups and did great with the pups.. She is definitely a dog worthy of breeding.. And a person who buys her could have a great dog to hunt and also a very great brood bitch...