Pointer, Male, 17 months, Point, back, Retreeve

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Pointer, Male, 17 months, Point, back, Retreeve

  john leonard

  483 CR 1650N
          Bethany, Illinois - United States

  217 665 2038



Jake has been trained by myself...I have 25 years experience with training bird dogs...Jake has been traiend from a young pup. He has been pointing and holding point with natural pointing. He has been "whoa trained" and understands "whoa" very well. He backs very well. He retrieves with a willingness to retrieve and has never ever refused a retrieve. He has been trained to retrieve with a force breaking method I have developed to be a positive type training method of training retrieving. So, he delivers to hand and holds his bird until you take it from him.... I use a method of force breaking of E-collar training..And I work to keep the training as fun for the dog as is possible, and use the E-collar in a way that forces the dog without upseting the dog...So, Jake has also been trained his "whoa" by E-collar,And the same with "come" and "here"...He can handle the E-collar and learn from corrections without it upsetting him or knocking the hunt out of him...And he stays trained....I have not needed to use the E-collar for months, because he understands what to do...He is the type dog that trained easy, and will handle easy for anyone who buys him...And it really does not matter if his new owner uses the E-collar of doesn't....He will handle easily because he has been trained to want to please...But still is a hard hunter....Jake is a dog that has a medium range in hunting, and keeps check with his handler, while still hunting hard to find birds...He has shown a very good nose and possesses all the skills of a very good wild bird dog..And has had hunting experience on shoot preserves and wild birds.....My reason for selling him is I that I train so many dogs per year as dogs to sell...... I debated on keeping him because he is such a great dog. .......I will send pics to anyone who wants to see more........or answer any questions.....YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG WITH THIS DOG