FC AFC Wood Rivers Mr. Big to Snake River Quacking Aspen QA2, MH

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FC AFC Wood Rivers Mr. Big to Snake River Quacking Aspen QA2, MH

  Chris Furio

  814 S 1955 W
          Springfield, Idaho - United States




Wood Rivers Mr. Big: 7.5 years old
• All Age Points: 143.0
• Open Points: 50.5
• Amateur Points: 92.5
• Derby Points: 24; derby list at 19 months
• Named the Retriever News Award and the Purina Award for the Top Amateur dog of 2018
• Cover of Retriever News February/March 2019
• Started 2019 out very strong with 17 All Age Points

Snake River Quacking Aspen: 4.5 years old
• Derby: 15 points, derby list at 21 months old, ranked #24 in nation
• Took a third place at 11 months old in her first Derby
• QA2 at three years old
• Master Hunter at 3 years old, passing 9/10
• Aspen has key attributes that allow her to excel:
o Courage-she excels at big water, swimming past a point or crawling over a point and back into the water
o Takes the correct route to the mark or blind
o Honest to the line of the bird even when she cannot see the mark, she stays true to the fall area.
o Very good line manners, very steady, not noisy, she is intense but focused on everything that is going on in front of her
• Waterfowl hunt when others are running trials in warmer states; Aspen retrieves an average of 600 ducks and 300 geese a year
• Photo library of Aspen: https://photos.app.goo.gl/iYLJrAaDR6reNbVo9
George and Aspen are extremely talented and their personalities and attributes pair up exceptionally well together.
• George weighs 62 pounds
• Aspen weighs 58 pounds
• All five puppies are black males that are yellow factored
• Puppies will be socialized before coming to their new home, so they will be ready “out of the gate” training
• Health Guarantee
• George: Hips: Excellent; EIC Clear
• Aspen: Hips: Excellent; EIC: E/N Carrier; Eyes: LR-EYE14731/45F-VPI (normal)
Please contact Chris Furio by phone or text at (208) 604-3575 or indspringsken@gmail.com

Please follow the link for additional information, health clearances, and pedigree.
Sire-George https://huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=64575
Dam-Aspen https://huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=98841