Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies - Ky

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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies - Ky

  Joseph Alvarez

  KY-United States



Our dogs hunt! Plain and simple. We spend the off-season in the field and water training then back at it non-stop during hunting season. We spend a lot of time Woodcock hunting, I would say it is their primary expertise and its just due to the area we live in. The dogs are experienced fur and feather dogs. For feather, we train/hunt pigeon, chukar, pheasant, duck and goose. As for fur the dogs love squirrel, and we have tracked a few down deer over the years. Our primary hunting grounds are in the state of Kentucky with experience hunting in the north woods of Michigan. My dogs are part of my family, my children are 7yrs, 4yrs and 7 months old. The dogs are gentle with all of my family and friends. Their drive is a good mixture of on and off, they are able to calm down and be home bodies and then the gears start turning and hunting drive kicks in. My male Malix is a very dominate male, big masculine and proud. My female Fluttershy is a girls' girl, loving gentle and wants to be close to you. Then when we get to the field she is everything but a lady, she is like a rocket taking off ready to go non-stop. We train to NAVHDA standards, and I highly recommend getting involved in a local NAVHDA chapter.