FC AFC Choco x Grace MH

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FC AFC Choco x Grace MH

  Andrew Hayslip

  PO Box 340433
          Austin, Texas - United States




Grace is a 55-pound pocket rocket. She is a hard charging heady chocolate female. She handles fair correction very well and is always aiming to please. She hits the water full speed ahead and enjoys yard work just as much as she does the fieldwork. She has the off switch in the house and loves cuddle times with her 8-month-old baby (human) brother. Grace wears many hats: field trials, hunt test, duck dog, dove dog, upland hunting, deer tracking and a loved family dog. We really wish we had begun in the field trial training with her based on her potential.

Choco is one of the best Chocolate males alive right now! He made it to the 9th series in the National Amatuer. At just 22 months, he made the derby list. At 2.2 years of age he became QAA. Choco has earned his FC and AFC title becoming only the 6th chocolate to have achieved this. Not only does Choco run the white coat game with the best of them he is a mighty fine duck dog as well. Choco is amateur owned and trained.