Outstanding Brown Crown Golden Retrievers Puppies

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Outstanding Brown Crown Golden Retrievers Puppies

  Admerines Rolfes

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(call name Scoot) born 07/14/08 is a very intense, energetic, focus, and muscular Black Labrador Retriever. Scoots desire, stamina, and marking/retrieving ability is unmeasured he will run and retrieve any distance you ask him to run (singles, doubles or triples). Scoot loves to retrieve on land, in water and runs a blind with the same energy as a mark. Scoot has trained and ran in AKC Derbys marking/retrieving at 500 yards. He received his UKC Finished Title (Hunting Retriever Champion) in April 2011 and received his AKC Jr Title in March 2010. Scoot has a great family bloodline that includes his Father Esprit Out Of The Woods QAA (Tiger). Scoot is a very determined retriever with an explosive desire to retrieve that when leaving the line slings dirt 15 feet. He knows when its time to go to work and is a pleasure to have in the house. Scoot will continue to run both UKC Hunt Test and AKC Field Trials/Hunt Test.