All yellow litter expected around Sept. 20, 2013 1.5 x GMPR Sired

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All yellow litter expected around Sept. 20, 2013 1.5 x GMPR Sired

  Rock Solid Pointing Labs

  JJ Franken 451 E. 1st St.
          Sioux Center, Iowa - United States



Belle and Tyke breeding took place July 20, 2013 pups should be born around September 20, 2013. This all yellow litter will be one to impress and I'm awfully excited about these pups. Belle is a proven producer or pointing pups with plenty of references. If you check out "past litters" page you'll find plenty of pictures and comments. To get on the waiting list call 712-441-4691 or email A $250 deposit is required to hold your pup and the process is whoever sends in a deposit first gets first pick of the pups and so on! Generally, in the past, Belle's litters have been good size with more females than males. (7 females 3 males). Feel free to call or email with any questions!

Tyke meets Belle yellow and black litter expected late September! Tyke is a 1.5 xGMPR x SH (finishing up 4 x GMPR and MH titles) and comes to us by way of High Caliber Labs in South Dakota. High Caliber is a very well renowned kennel throughout the U.S. just south of Sioux Falls in the heart of Pheasant Country. Their reputation speaks for itself producing many titled dogs over the past several years. Tyke is a yellow stud with all the natural point you could ask for. He has a desire to hunt that is seldom seen, and amazing retrieving ability. He has a staunch, natural point and passes that same natural poiting ability on to his offspring. He is a 65 pound male with all the looks and a ton of muscle. You won’t find a better looking lab! Tyke’s pedigree includes: 4xGMPR Cashmans Super Trooper MH, GMPR Rik’s Risky Raider MH, GMPR Dukes True Grits SH, GMPR Grits of Black Forest SH, GMPR HRCH Pathfinders Jayhawk Roxy, GMPR Gumbo Of Black Forest MH, and GMPR Killarney Kate II just to name a few. This pedigree is loaded with some of the most sought after pointing lines in the country. He has hunted extensively on waterfowl and upland, and he lives to hunt and will go strong all day long! Tyke is professional guide dog in South Dakota, and sees more pheasants in one week than most dogs see all year!

Belle is a 50-55 pound female out of Raider and Grits of Black Forest lines. She is pure muscle and it shows out in the field! She has a never quit mentality and hunts strong all day long! Her marking and retrieving ability is second to none, and also quarters very well and covers a lot of ground in a hurry. She was first introduced to birds at a young age, and since then has hunted 3-4 days per week during the hunting season, mainly pheasant, and has developed into a national qualifier for PHU(Pheasant Hunters Unlimited) and also won the Okoboji Bird Dog challenge at only 2 years of age. Belle can compete with some of the finest dogs in the country when it comes to upland game! She competed in last year's PHU National Championship and placed in the top 20 at nationals and in the top 15 in the final standings. She has gone on to qualify again this year for the PHU nationals. She also qualified for the NBDC Nationals(National Bird Dog Challenge as seen on the outdoor channel) this past March and the World BDC Championship that took place early this fall. I did not run her in the BDC events because she was expecting a litter of pups. Belle has competed with dogs that have placed very well at the BDC National and World Championships in PHU competitions and has consistently contended with and/or placed higher than. She gives me the best of both worlds being a solid pointer when the birds hold tight, yet is not afraid to flush a bird on the move. She is extremely intelligent and I pride myself in knowing that she has been trained personally by myself. From the day she came home with me she has lived to please me and retrieve. Whether it be a bird, bumper/dummy, tennis ball, or anything she can get her mouth around, she has never given up on a retrieve even at a very young age. People are amazed at the speed and tenacity she shows in the field, but she is also very calm around my kids and in the house. She knows that when its time to come in the house its time to settle down. She sleeps with my 12 year old son every night, and she even has her own blanky that she drags around the house and to bed every night. She is truly the perfect dog giving me everything I ask for in the field and knowing when to tone it down around children and in the house! Belle lives to hunt, lives to please, and is what I consider a best friend!