Saint Usuge Spaniel Puppies for sale.

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Saint Usuge Spaniel Puppies for sale.

  Kou Xiong

  NE-United States



Three (3) St. Usuge Spaniel Puppies for sale. St. Usuge spaniels are a French pointing spaniel. 1 Male $500.00, 2 Females $600.00. Will be registered with the French Kennel Club and Club de l'Epagneul de Saint-Usuge (Awaiting paperwork) (They are not recognized by the AKC or any other american based kennel club that I know of). To hunting families preferably, but will make exceptions as it is a great family dog. This rare breed is by far my favorite breed, obedient and loyal, they are easy to train and work with.

They are currently in Vermontville, Michigan until they are whelped, then they will be brought to Omaha, Nebraska. If you are anywhere in between and would like a puppy, if it's not too far out of my way, I'll be more than happy to drop off the puppy.

St. Usuge Spaniel (Wikipedia)
It is a small French pointing breed, measuring 16–21 inches (41–53 cm) at the withers according to the breed standard. They have a typical spaniel appearance, with ears that are located below the eyeline that have fringes long enough to reach the tip of the nose. The body should be well muscled with a broad, deep chest. The only color that the coat comes in is brown, but it may have white markings including a white "star" on the forehead, which some dogs can lose as their adult coat grows in. In addition to the ears; the tail, shoulders and chest should also be fringed with fur. The tail of the Saint Usuge is never docked, and should be long and curved.