RGK champion bred GSP Litter

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RGK champion bred GSP Litter

  Richard Caldwell

  553 Farrar Dairy rd
          Lillington , North Carolina - United States




RGK expects pups on the ground between 11-14 MAY 2011, and will be weened and ready for pick up as early as the week of 27 June 2011.

Lucy will get her sonogram about two weeks out from the expected birth date at which time we will have a good idea of the number of pups in this litter. (DGK) aka Double Gun Kennels

Lucy and Rusty's breeding is in keeping with our desire to maintain a pure bloodline with the intent of reproducing the superb traits, hunting instinct, and markings. Rusty and Lucy's markings are almost identical, and we hope to see a litter full of pups that retain what we consider the best markings you can find on a GSP...the mix of liver and white allows you to easily see your dog in both dense brown foliage or a snow covered field. Never underestimate the importance of being able to "SEE" your dog in multiple hunting situations. It can mean the difference of seeing your dog go on point or wondering where they went.

To reserve a pup from this litter email or call us today. Send us a $100 dollar deposit to reserve your choice of gender and order of pick. Gender and pick order is based on the order in which we receive your deposit. For example; if your deposit is the third received but the first deposit requesting a male, you will have first pick of a male pup, conversely, if your deposit is the third received, but the second requesting a female, you will have second pick of a female pup. ALL picks must be made at the 5 week mark after birth. If you have reserved first pick of a gender and fail to make your pick by week 5, you will lose your order in the pick sequence. I hope this doesn't sound to harsh, but we have learned that delayed picks make it hard on everyone and only frustrates our other customers. We will work hard to assist you in picking the pup that is right for you, but need your help by making a decision so we can ensure all our customers get the service they deserve and expect from DGK.

Click on our Purchase Agreement to fill out an application for your DGK GSP today.

MALE Pups: $500
FEMALE Pups: $600