British Labrador Puppies

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British Labrador Puppies

  Bud Clouse

  NE-United States



British Labrador Puppies. yellow and black, male and female. Contact Dublem Gundogs for details.

Dublem Gundogs is a training and breeding establishment. We train and breed dogs to meet your family and hunting needs. At Dublem Gundogs we train puppies basic started through fully finished dogs. Our British Labradors, English Cockers and English Springer Spaniel breeding stock is selected from proven UK genetics for healthy dogs with pleasing desire and natural hunting abilities.

Our philosophy for breeding is to use only the best genetics proven for health and temperament. Dublem Gundogs has some of the best British Labradors in the U.S. We import our British Labrador sires and dams direct from Scotland, Ireland and Wales from proven top kennels. (See Todd's page and his accomplishments). Our dogs have drive and desire to hunt, the are medium build and very pleasant around the house with the family.