Jagdterrier Puppies for sale

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Jagdterrier Puppies for sale

  Justin Rondeau

  WA-United States



4 male Jagdterrier puppies. 8 weeks old, have had first set of shots and have been dewormed.

These dogs are German engineered hunting machines, will grow to be 17 to 20 pounds, are highly intelligent, and make excellent farm dogs, small game dogs, and blood trailers. Great pets with people and children, can be trained to guard anything, will naturally hunt anything you give them the go ahead for. The dam of the litter is my 'truck' dog, (papered, and from bear and cougar hunting lines) and has blood trailed quarry, retrieved birds from land and water, trailed and treed coons, entered dens and killed nutria and coons (when asking permission to hunt with my little black terriers I often hear landowners warn about a coon that beat up their lab, well these 20 pound dogs will kill a 20 pound coon one on one, and once they learn how to do it around age one or so they won't get hurt doing it). $400

Text or call if interested - 360-640-4268