German Shorthair Puppy

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German Shorthair Puppy

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  OR-United States


I have a female, 4 months old, liver and white, purebred, papered, registered, from champion bloodlines. Bought her from 2V Kennels out of Wallowa Oregon.

She is amazing, all shots given and even 6 weeks into obedience training. I've had her since 8/11, picked her up at 9 weeks old. Paid $750 for her and now need to relocate her.

Will only place her in quality home, with loving hunter and/or family. Must be local somewhat as I won't put her on a plane. I live in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Would like to recover as much of the $750 I paid for her as possible. I'm highly invested in her with time, money and my heart, She is special and I hope to find a special match for her. Due to my health and profession, suddenly, I must let her go.

She was initally raised as a hunting dog as a pup but since I've had her that training has ceased since i don't hunt. She does belong with a great hunter though, a nice loving man and /or wonderful home a loving kind family. Perhpas I can even find both for her by placing this ad.