German Shorthair Pointer Puppy

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German Shorthair Pointer Puppy

  Tamara Lee

  19362 Rhodalea Farm Rd
          Stevensburg, Virginia - United States



Whelped on July 12, 2010. White body with solid liver head. has small white snip between eyes. Very nice pup. Great pedigree with dogs such as Divines Semiautomatic Kolby, Rawhides Clown, Gertrudes Blue Brandi. She has been exposed to gunfire already. She has been intruduced to birds and is crazy about them. She has been around cats, kids, other dogs, goats, and horses. She is fine with all of these. First thing she does when she is let out to run and play is run to the pigeon coop. Hasn't quite figured out how to get in yet, but she wants those birds! She is very loving and likes to snuggle in your arms. She is the last pup left out of the litter. She was always overlooked due to color.... the others in the litter had more ticking or were the liver roan. She was actually my pick of this litter, and would love to keep her but not enough time in the day to train another pup.
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