FC CFC Whitewaters Windryden Sprite X Whitewaters Northern Trek

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FC CFC Whitewaters Windryden Sprite X Whitewaters Northern Trek

  Shelley Barlow

  16595 Beck Rd
          Dallas, Oregon - United States

  503 831 0592

  wwspringer @aol.com


Field Bred English Springer Spaniels welped Sept 9, 2001 for hunting and field trialing.

Sprite is a little workaholic bird finding machine that will hunt your legs off. During the off season I keep her in excellent physical condition by doing retriever work. She handles blind retrieves in water and on land over rough broken terrain with precision and exuberance. She enjoys the challenge of multiple marked retrieves: doubles, triples, quads. You throw it-she retrieves it. She is an all around working dog that motivates you to get out in any kind of weather and get to work. Over 90% of her placements have been wins! And her pedigree: five field champions in three generations.

Trek is my up and coming field trial competition dog. He is young in age but already wise in bird savvy. Runners are his forte. He exhibits superior use of the wind and has an excellent nose. He is a flashy mover and is built to cover the ground. So far I have run him in three open all age stakes and he has completed all three, showing he has a head on his shoulders. He'll be placing soon and be on his way to living up to his field trial champion studded pedigree: parents and grandparents all field champions! See pedigree on our website.