Honky Tonk Attitude Bloodline Pups

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Honky Tonk Attitude Bloodline Pups

  Daniel Williams

  21114 H wy
          Clarksburg, Missouri - United States




I have for sale two male, Honky Tonk Attitude bloodline English Pointers. These pups are now 19 weeks old and well into the training process. I began running these two behind their parents at 14 weeks of age. Each scored a point on a dead bird and backed the adult dogs on point. Although they did not continue to back for more than 15 seconds, this was still quite remarkable for young pups. I take both pups each time I go hunting to give them the experience in the field at a young age they need. Each has pointed multiple times on live birds and are worked only on wild quail. These two flat have wheels and run side by side with my adult dogs for as much as an hour and a half before beginning to tire. I have shot 50+ quail over these two and they respond exactly how they should when the gun goes off, excited and going crazy over the dead bird trying to find it. Each retrieve naturally with either a glove, quail wing, or ball. I work daily on here breaking the pair as well as teaching them whoah. Feel free to email me for pictures or pedigrees at daniel.williams@californiak12.org.