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PWD Natural Retreivers

  Karen Carroll

  RR4 Bxo 500 Appletree Road
          West Pittston, Pennsylvania - United States

  570 388 2563


Thank you very much for your interest in our beautiful PWD puppies. All of them are raised free & happy, as healthy puppies should be, in a loving environment on 450 acres. Riley Rose & Thor, who is our stud muffin directly from Portugal, are expecting a litter early this Jan. They will be ready for loving homes about March 10, 2010. We do still have puppies available if you would like to be added to our list for this or an upcoming summer litter we are planning.

In Europe Portuguese Water Dogs are used for hunting ducks and pheasants and have won many competition first time out.

We raise healthy, happy, playful & mischievous PWD puppies on plenty of country sunshine. Half our dogs are from Europe and carry the excellent bloodlines & temperament they originally possessed back in Portugal.

Riley Rose and Thor along with our Puppy pictures are available.

Our requirement is that you must have the time to make your special puppy your favorite personal companion. If treated with love & respect they will adore and love you with their whole heart and soul and always be your faithful companion for as long as they live. Portuguese Water Dogs are wonderful smart family pets that can learn any tricks you want to teach them.

My husband and I are blessed being retired and extremely active outdoors with our dogs every day. We are lucky that we can provide such a perfect country backdrop for our little sea dog pirates. It is wonderful to have enough time to give them loving attention all day long. They also have a puppy palace to live in at night once they are big enough to want to be out of our house.

Our training with them begins on the 3rd day of life doing the stimulation exercises that the US Military does in their canine program to improve the performance of dogs know to the public as "Super Dog". We put all our time and love into these puppies.

As they get older we follow the dog whisperer method of:
1. Exercise
2. Discipline
3. Love and Food

Our dogs have creeks and ponds to play in all day long, everyday. They are contained in a 25 acre invisible fence system not a small kennel when I need to go out somewhere. They also love our beach house in the Outer Banks of NC and romping in the ocean. They are members of our family and very well behaved dogs most of the time, with a slight touch of mischief in their loving eyes.

We don't show our dogs. They are all show quality but we just love and enjoy them. We don't do the beauty contests, co-own puppies, or keep our puppies in crates. Instead we provide plenty of physical and mental exercised combined with lots of love and belly rubs every day. Some days these little black devils will all work together to create more fun and diversion than imaginable. They are extremely smart and willing to please because of the way they live and grow up on the farm with all our other big dogs and doggie visitors to teach them important new stuff every day. Ex. It is important to remember where you buried your bone last. More important never let anyone else see you bury your bone. You will soon find out why.

We prefer water sports and tracking and have private trainers that work with us and our dogs on our own property for our own enjoyment rather than competition. Our puppies sell themselves when people see the wonderland they are raised in and the happy well socialized adult porties we have that help to raise them all.

Our puppies easily sell for $2900 for solid black ones, some with white trim. We have by sheer luck brought back an almost extinct rare white gene from Portugal. Occasionally we have a true white puppy that sells for much more. A true white will be born ivory and turn white with a black nose and dark eyes & bluish skin. Within the next 2 years we are hoping to be able to produce many more white puppies.

The most important thing to us is that we find our puppies good homes that can provide plenty of physical and mental exercise combined with lots of love. Our little puppy pirates are extremely smart & willing to please. They love and need to learn new tricks constantly and you need the time to teach, play and be with them.

Thanks again for your interest in our beautiful puppies. If you would like more information and our deposit instructions I will be happy to talk with you and send it.

Sincerely from here at SEA DOG KENNELS,

Karen & Mike,

Thor (alias) Stud Muffin

Violet, The show off

Caley, The lover

Molly, The BIG sweetheart

Riley, The forever puppy and clown

Diabolo, Not a bad bone or thought in her body

Bella, The agile white hunter

Saylor, Our newest loving addition from Portugal and France