Looking 4 Hunting Partner

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Looking 4 Hunting Partner

  Lisa Shipman

  NM-United States



Male , 8-16weeks old.
Not interested in field trials or test, Just Hunting, Tracking, Camping, Canoeing and when we are not outdoors, Just a nice warm spot by the fire or laying at my feet watch a good movie.

Breeds I know lots about and would like:
GWP- GSP-Heavy Ticked or Solid Liver
And A Weim Always MY First Choice. I am not interested in setters or pointers, the Breeds I am after are all Bidable and versatile and will do everything I need or want.

I live in New Mexico, so some state close I will be able to drive in a weekend, KS.OK. AZ, TX, CO

As I stated I live in New Mexico, I want to be able to visit in person with the Breeder see the parents of the pups, and play with the pups and make my choice from there. I do not want for someone to pick my pup for me this is a life time choice, and I take it very