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Deutsch Kurzhaar ( GSP) Litter

  Manny Boutsikakis

  IL-United States

  847-489 4122


Anticipated Whelp Date: 3 October 2009

Carmen vom Sparta-GR 1134/07
Derby1 (all 4s), Solms1 (4h water), VGP1, HN, HD, Free-A1, Fw: V

Goran di dual Status x KS Akazie vom Ährenfeld

Carmen is a very nice female with very good temperament and very nice conformation. A daughter of KS Akazie vom Ährenfeld and Goran Di Dual Status, Carmen possesses the same strong passion and abilities in the field and water as her mother, passing her VGP ( utility test) at the age of 15 months. She has a strong passion in the field and hunts with a high head. She has good use of nose and excellent pointing abilities. Also retrieves to hand

Maximus vom Meynautal 0701/02
Derby1 (all 4s), AZP1 (all 4s), HN, HD free, Fw: V1

Dagobert vom Hege-Haus x Hannah Vom Meynautal

Maximus is son of Dagobert vom Hege-Haus, the second most bred dog in Germany with 255 pups on the ground with super results. Maximus is a calm dog who lives in the house with his family of 2 adults and 3 young kids.(nothing like the hipper dogs you have see) He was very easy to train, has very good passion hunting very good pointing and cooperation,in the field loves water.
Maximus has excellent conformation (one of the best in the standard in the US and Germany), and most of all his very good personality around people and other dogs. He has great passion to hunt all day. He loves to please whether it's finding game in the field and water or retrieving game to hand.

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Puppy's will be sold to good hunting Hunting homes only ,Please no Breeders