Working Spaniel Kennel Upcoming Litter

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Working Spaniel Kennel Upcoming Litter

  Stephen Reynolds

  18319 Southwood Drive
          Meadville, Pennsylvania - United States



Reservations are being taken for the next Working Spaniel Kennel litter due to leave here during the upcoming holiday season.

Cumbergrove Salcot Breeze (Dam) has turned out some wonderfully biddable pups in the past and she is as consistant as the rising Sun. Her tenacious hunting style is nicely balanced with a soft, compliant side that suites houshold family life very well. She is trustworthy, devoted and loving to a fault around people and especially small children.

Rosebay Sam (Sire) has produced 11 litters to date and the resulting offspring have carried their sire's fiery drive and pace which is nicely tempered with a level head and desire to hunt as a team member, not alone. While Sam is a machine in the cover, around the house and children his hunting skills and abilities are kept in check preferring to show his soft eagerness for love and affection instead. When the hunting gear comes out he is all business and nothing can distract him from his work, period.

Seven of Sam's littermates, siblings and half siblings recently competed in the 79th AV Spaniel Field Trial Championship held in the UK just this past Winter. The Rosebay line represented 12% of the overall competing field. First and second places were taken by Rosebay dogs. The abilities that these bloodlines possess was made evident to all that witnessed the event.

These are my personal gundogs and are here at all times (mostly) should you desire to come and see them work in person. The finest UK bloodlines are in this litter's pedigree. No e-collar training has been used with these dogs, instincts and abilities are all natural. Both parents are UK Kennel Club and AKC registered. They are permanently IDed via AVID Micro-chip and have been CERFed, PennHIPed, PFKed and DNA profiled.