Yellow Pointing Lab Pups -- Baker-Rosie Litter (Rosie's father is Raider)

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Yellow Pointing Lab Pups -- Baker-Rosie Litter (Rosie's father is Raider)

  Dan Butterfass

  MN-United States



Yellow Pointing Lab Pups, sired by APLA Grand Master Pointing Lab, Baker of Holzinger Kennels at Mother Rosie also points; her father is Rik's Risky Raider, 2001 US Open Pheasant Champion. Rosie is a tremendous hunter and family dog. Pups born 4-08-2009. $950. Call Dan @ 507-421-0573 to reserve a pup. My location is Rochester, MN.

The litter size is 8 - 5 females and 3 males.
3 Females were pre-sold, so as of today, 4-14-09, I have 2 females and 3 males still available. The females will go quickly. Because of the litter's bloodlines, this is also a great opportunity for someone looking for a high-end Yellow Pointing Lab stud dog.

Testimonal/Fact Sheet on Rosie -- AKC "Dan's Whitewater Rose"

The Basics:

Rosie is a 58-pound fox-red female yellow lab born 3-10-2003.

Rosie’s father is “Raider”, aka Rik’s Risky Raider, the 2001 US Open Pheasant Championship - Open Class Winner. A profile and pictures of the legendary Raider are available on Holzinger Kennels website at

Her mother’s bloodlines include other notables such as Full Choke of Chub Lake and Marathon Man.

Rosie is in superb health and has had zero health problems or issues since she was born.

Rosie’s hips are OFA certified as “Good” and her CERF test was negative.

This is Rosie’s first litter; I have planned to have her bred since I brought her home.

The sire is “Baker”, an all British stud and APLA Grand Master Pointing Lab, out of Holzinger Kennels. Baker’s pedigree can viewed on Holzinger's website under “Stud Dogs” at

Hunting Abilities:

Rosie has a lot of Raider in her in terms of looks, temperament, athleticism, drive and ability in the field. She is a fine-looking lab with intelligent eyes, a calm demeanor and muscular torso. Four words that describe her hunting abilities for me are “HEART”, “DRIVE”, “STAMINA”, and “NOSE”. She does it all: tracks, points, flushes, marks, and retrieves. There is no quit in her in the field; she hunts all day with tremendous stamina and tenacity. She tracks cripples with great zeal. I could not ask for a better hunting dog than Rosie who, in my opinion, is very likely a “once in a lifetime” gun dog. Though I hope it’s not so, I may not ever have the pleasure of hunting behind a dog of Rosie’s caliber again.

Rosie has a strong pointing instinct. She pointed as a puppy from the first week I had her home. She continues to lock up and hold point on tight-sitting birds.

Rosie has had as many full hunting seasons (six) as she is years old (six). The spring and summer before her first hunting seasons I trained her on wild birds in the field, both on pheasants and ruffed grouse. That first fall, at 8 months old, she basically hunted as well as she hunts now, at the age of six. Don’t ask me how a pup could hunt this well, other than to say it’s in the genes, and her owner got lucky with his pick, choosing the feisty “runt” of the litter. That first fall when she was already tracking and making amazing retrieves on running grouse and pheasant cripples, I knew she was “something special.”

The Spanish have a word for this “something special” – they call it “duende.” (See this short video -- --for an explanation of duende as it applies to a racing horse.) If I had to sum up Rosie’s hunting abilities with one sentence, it might be: “Rosie has duende.”

Rosie is equally at home hunting pheasants in the grasslands, and ruffed grouse and woodcock in forests. Though she’s got great drive in the field, I’ve trained her to
hunt close when we’re grouse hunting, so that she frequently pauses to glance back and check on my whereabouts in thick cover.


Rosie is also a superb family dog. I have three children ages three, nine and twelve. Her temperament is calm and friendly, and she is a great companion to me, my wife and our three children; most winter nights she sleeps down on the end of one of our beds. She is equally at home inside, or among my children and their friends in our backyard, yet is always eager to get in the field. She’s an ideal family dog and was easy to train on basic commands.

References – phone numbers available on request:

Eric Atherton, Rochester, MN
Rochester Post-Bulletin Outdoors Editor and Editorial Page writer.
Has hunted behind Rosie many times.

David Butterfass, Maple Plain, MN
My father, upland bird hunter, lifelong gun dog owner, gun dog breeder.
Has hunted behind Rosie several times.

Lane Underdahl, Minnestrista, MN
Longtime friend, Outdoorsman, Lab Owner.
Has hunted behind Rosie several times.

Reserving a Puppy:

The price of a puppy is $950.

A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy, male or female. Cash or check is accepted.

Picks are determined by the order that deposits are received.

CONTACT: Dan Butterfass
PHONE: 507-421-0573
COUNTRY: United States