**Wanted** Pointer Female* Pup or Started

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**Wanted** Pointer Female* Pup or Started

  nathan mckown

  15321 old quarry rd
          excelsior springs, Missouri - United States

  816 564 5147



I am looking for female pointer. Color doesn't matter, but size does.. Looking for a taller and larger bloodline female to be adult size of 45-65lbs Good elhew or Fiddler or miller bloodlines will do.. I have a really nice liver and white female out of Run n Gun Tommy Hawk and Run N Gun Savanna (blackhawk bloodlines) that is 9 months old..she will make a wonderful dog.. has a great bite, tail, very bold birdie, but she is 30lbs.. too small for me..looking for trade or trade cash deal for a good bloodline pup that will be large, or started dog that is large.. Let me know what you have. In kc missouri area. not looking to drive hours and hours .. be within a couple hours or willing to meet me somewhere Call nathan at 816 564 5147.