Want Moesgaard? Check this out!!

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Want Moesgaard? Check this out!!

  Ron Wych

  20165 160th
          Akron, Iowa - United States




I have for sale, two male and two female pups whelped 12/09/2008. These pups represent decades of careful consideration to the Moesgaard line of Danish imports. If you know shorthairs, you will see that this breeding is unlike any other being offered at this time in history. All four grandparents of the litter go back to the Moesgaard's Ib/ Doctorgaarden's Lucky pairing in 7 generations. Sire and Dam's 5 generation combined peds show 9 HOF dogs used in 18 breedings. A look at their 8 gen. combined shows 18 HOF dogs. This will be the only litter bred like this. Litter has been nominated for both NGSPA and GSPCA National Field Futurities. We would prefer the pups went to owners intending to compete in field trials/ hunt tests recognized by AKC,American Field, NAVDA, or NSTRA. Contact me by phone or email. I will be glad to answer questions and email pedigrees and pics of the 4 remaining pups. Don't miss a piece of history!