Female pointer

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Female pointer

  Charles Miller

  403 E. Nebraska St.
          Oblong, Illinois - United States

  (618) 553-4658



Excellent bred 5 month old female pointer. Run-n-gun tommy hawk (ch rockacre blackhawk X Elhew Swami) Run-n-gun Savanna (Elhew Mr. Mcguire X Elhew tenmile annie) This pup has been worked on birds, shot over, worked on bench. will retrieve anything. She is beautiful colored liver head with all white body except one liver spot above her left leg about the size of a pea. She has a good tail except she is missing the tip that the mother took off when she was cutting cords. I am selling this dog to make room for a pup from an upcoming litter. This is your chance to get an excellent bred female for a very good price, if you can ignore her not having the last 1/2 inch of her tail.