Brittany Pups for Sale

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Brittany Pups for Sale

  Ann Dysinger

  21750 County Road 60
          Grover Hill, OH, Ohio - United States



We have orange/white pups and liver/white pups for sale available in May. We own and operate Thorn Bottom Hunting in NW Ohio, I use brittanys only. My britts are hunting/meat dogs. They will creep on a point if the bird is moving. They will hold steady on a point. If the bird is moving or can out the back of a brushpile, my britts will move around to the back of the brushpile to pin the bird between him and another dog or the hunter. They will do this as soon as a hunter or dog come up to hold his place for them. They often make 150 yard retrieves and the longest is 400 yards (sometimes I do not always have the best shots along). I know this is not the way competition field trials work but it tells me what is going on with the birds and makes for a successful hunt. We have had water retrieves and just this winter I had to call a dog off of a retrieve because he was diving under water for the bird that had broke through the ice with the dogs weight when he got near to pick it up. If the bird is down they won't give up looking for it. Britts need daily exercise to keep they healthy and calm. My britts are laid back but sure know how to cover a field. The best part, they are awesome housedogs and pets especially with children.