British Labrador Retriever Puppies

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British Labrador Retriever Puppies

  Steve MacDonald

  26700 so. 84th st. place
          Firth, Nebraska - United States



British lab pups for sale.
AKC/UKC, OFA, CERF. 26 mo. guarantee.
Both parents are From Wildrose Kennels in Oxford MS, from imported parents. Have all health clearances on hips, elbows and eye's.

Emma (Dam) is Black -
Emma is just a sweetheart. You may never guess she has such a high powered field trial ancestry behind her.
In Emma’s 64 dog pedigree, there are 48 FTCh/FTW,
including 9 dogs with International Field Champion Awards.
Emma is what I would consider a fine, properly bred British Lab. She has a wonderful, calm, quiet temperament, very intelligent, makes great eye contact, and has an extremely strong desire to please.
Emma is a nice size. 52 lbs. She may seem small to some, more familiar with large American labs. She doesn’t take up much room in the truck, blind, boat or home. Her small size has never deterred her form coming back with the game, be it a pheasant, from the thickest cover, or pulling a crippled duck out of reeds.
Emma’s sire is FTCh Edenlab Angus. “Angus” was imported in 2000, and is a very stately looking black lab. He is one of the best looking labs I have seen in a long time. His weight is 64lbs. and he has a very pleasing, calm, quiet temperament.
Angus is considered to be one of the finest lining English labs around.
Emma’s mom is Astraglen Allie. “Allie” was imported in 2002. Her weight is 54lbs. Her sire FTCh Garendon Captain, received 1st Place in the 1998 British Championship. Her mom is FTW Glendiar Carolhill Astra. Astra received awards in the 1997 Irish Championship.
Emma’s confirmation is excellent, with a blocky, square head. Defined stop, broad muzzle, flat ears, sleek muscular body, with a thick shiny coat, and classic thick “otter tail”.
Emma carries a Yellow factor.
D.O.B. 8-19-2002 52 pounds
AKC Reg. No. SR02876805
UKC Reg. No. R178-838
Eye CERF. – Normal #LR-44375
Hips OFA - Good #LR-156337G39F-Pl

Cody (Sire) is Yellow -
Cody is the son of champions. In Cody’s 56 dog pedigree includes 32 FTCh/FTW. There are 7 dogs with 11 International field trial awards.
Cody is out of British Field Trial Champion (FTCh) Shortthorn Tommy of Leadburn. “Tommy” is considered to be the most qualified yellow British FTCh outside the United Kingdom. In fact at the time of breeding, Cody’s sire was the only British Field Trial Champion yellow in North America. In fact, the only higher titled yellow dog in the U.K. is Cody’s Grandsire, FTCh Dargdaffin Dynamo, who holds 4 Championship qualifications
Cody is definitely his father’s son. Like his father, his confirmation is excellent, with a very attractive square head, broad chest, and extremely muscular feature’s, making him an excellent representation of a properly bred British lab.
Cody’s mom, Raughlin Chris of Astraglen “Chris” was imported in 2002 is out of FTCh Baildonian Baron of Craighorn “Baron”. Baron is the highest qualified British FTCh to live outside the United Kingdom. He received 3rd at the 1997 British Retriever Championship. Chris’ Grandsire, FTCh Theoweir Turramurra Teal, won the 1995 Irish Retriever Championship.
Cody is a very clean dog, with a nice thick coat, and the classic “otter tail”. His weight is 64 lbs. Cody’s drive is as hard on blinds, as it is on marks, over land or water. Yet, you put him in the truck, or home, and your liable to forget he’s there, do to his extremely quiet, calm temperament. A perfect combination. Making him a great companion in the field, and in the home.
Cody is an excellent game finder, and problem solver.
This latest characteristic is most impressive to see.
The training he has received, has not overpowered his ability to think, and react on his own. This is not common in American breed, and trained dogs today.
Cody was professionally trained by Dale and Kris Taylor of Premier Gundogs Training Kennels. Cody has three of the four passes required to receive his NAHRA SR title. Cody should have his SR title early in 2006.

Cody carries a black factor.
AKC Reg. No. SR12514001
UKC Reg. No. R178-840
Eye Cerf. Normal #LR-44373
Hips OFA Good #LR-156338G25M-Pl
Elbows OFA Normal #LR-RL29200M25-Pl