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GSP puppies for sale

  Brock Brewster

  4769 State Route 124
          Latham, Ohio - United States

  740 222 8311


"We have a very nice litter of puppies by Cedar Fork Chip out of Grouse Points Tess born on February 23rd that will be ready to go anytime after April 13th. There are 7 males and 1 femal for sale and we're keeping the other female.
I bought Chip as a puppy in 2000 and since then we have pointed hundreds of quail and dozens of grouse in an area that is going through a severe “bird drought.” Both parents were tremendous hunters and natural retrievers. I owned a full sister to Chip, also. She was a great hunter on both quail and grouse. Chip is a hard hunter and a natural retriever. He works close and will not quit on a bird. He has a tremendous nose and is the most trainable animal I’ve ever been around in my life. He is a big puppy in the yard and with the kids but he is all business in the field and woods. I can’t say enough about Chip. He is a tremendous bird dog.

I bought Tess in 2004 as a puppy from Grouse Point Kennels in Wisconsin. She is by Feldjaeger Klaus and out of Eleven Hills Reno Belle. Feldjaeger Klaus won his International Title (conformation) and also won Best of Breed in 2 of 4 shows. Klaus is titled UT-1 and NA-1. Tess’s litter qualified for the NAVHDA Breeders’ Award and four littermates achieved a Natural Ability Breeders’ Award. Tess’s littermates averaged 104/112 possible NAVHDA points with one Prize 1 and three Prize II’s. Belle has been a tremendous producer for Grouse Point. Tess was injured (lost her left eye) as a puppy and her training was delayed. I hunted her on grouse and quail last season and on pen-raised Chuckars. She is a good hunter but isn’t finished yet. She has great nose and will point and hold birds but just isn’t steady enough yet to call her a finished gun dog. Her injury really set her back and prevented me from competing with her in NAVHDA trials.
These puppies will be close-working, hard-hunting dogs. Chip is as proficient in the grouse woods as any dog I’ve seen and he’s tremendous on quail. I haven’t worked him on pheasant simply because there are none around here and, unfortunately, my work schedule prevents me from going out West in the fall to hunt. Both parents are great pets and family dogs, also. Both are intelligent and trainable. I have no doubts that this litter of puppies will all make great hunters. For more information about Tess.