Very Well Bred German Shorthair Pups

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Very Well Bred German Shorthair Pups

  Dayle Luedeke

  14497 395th Ave
          Stratford, South Dakota - United States



All our Females and Stud Dogs are very good working guide dogs at our South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge.

We make sure we are using the best stock we can find for what we are trying to accomplish in our breeding program.

We have been very successful at producing close working gundogs for the gentleman hunter who are easy to train, intelligent, clean genetically, good conformation, tractability, excellent dispositions that are hot in the field and calm in the house and yard.

We crunch the genetics well before a breeding is ever attempted. We will never go over an inbreeding coefficient of 18, but we do get as close to it as possible. That is the only way to produce uniform litters of superior puppies.

All of our dogs are very affectionate. They will crawl right in your pocket with you if you would let them. They are just as happy being your buddy as being in the field but they do very well at what they are bred for.

Most of our puppies are already pointing a wing at seven or eight weeks of age. We need to know they are going to point early because I can't spend the time working on a dog that I am hoping is going to show some point when he is six or twelve months old. I need to see it right away.

Our stud dogs are proven producers so if we have a female that produces pups that aren't showing that strong point right away, she is spayed and sold to a hunting/family home.

We guarantee you will like our dogs or we will replace it. All of our dogs are guaranteed 100%, PERIOD!!!

We have three very nice litters on the ground right now and almost ready to go.

For more information on these litters you can contact me at either of the numbers below.

Not all pups and started dogs are on the site. Often they are sold before they are finished training or born so it is difficult for me to keep up. If you are interested you need to call.

Home 605-262-0844
cell 605-228-9012