clumber spaniel puppies

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clumber spaniel puppies

  daniel legg

  3600 hanna ave.
          emmett, Idaho - United States



These puppies are long waited to the legg house hold. I have purposely bred these dog, for the field. parents are akc, out of lemons/cream pie, and sour sass-i-frass clover. natural retrievers, parents will hunt and flush game actively. i live for the hunt and only own clumbers. through the years they have become even closer to my heart, because they are slow as i am at 73 years of age. but, by god i can still hold my own in the field. Hell, you get all these cream puff know it all gundog men who go to these sanctioned field trials. they wear the same attire, and little whistles to get there dogs to run zig zags to find tame birds. I have been going out since 1940s to the remote rual lands, to seek out the illusive cock pheasant. I can control my dogs with vocal commands. God has gave me a voice to speak the language of hunting to my clumbers. i have learned a hell of a lot from past hunting trips, & grits gresham, but a whole hell of a lot more from the clumber spaniel. I can back 6 genrations of clumbers, i owned all these dogs my god all the memories i miss my dogs. some day i be with them again. call to reserve you dream hunting bird dog. thank-you Daniel legg.