Plott Houd(Pure) or Plott & Walker Mixed Puppies

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Plott Houd(Pure) or Plott & Walker Mixed Puppies

  Jimmy Hong

  CA-United States



I have pure plott just had 11 puppies. They are now 2 weeks old. Sire & Bitch is pure plott hound but no paper. Both of the parent are proven bear dogs. They strike, bay and finish. Puppies are beautiful and health. Have black, brindle and black and brindle mixed. Male is Black brindle and mother is light brown brindle.

I also have Walker and Plott mixed. Mother is Walker and father is Plott. Mother is pure walker with paper (Rat attack) blood line she is proven bear dog. Father is same as aboved mentioned plott. The puppies are 4 weeks now it will be ready to go in 5 weeks. have 3 female and 3 male. 3 are light brown brindle and other 3 are black with brindle feet and leg.

The parents hunt every year with me. We 95% sucess rate with my dogs. I had a little last year those puppies now hunt bear and lion at Idaho and washington. They are truly a awsome dogs. If you are interested please let me know so I get reserve for you. Call me at 213-598-7564