Citari Kennel presents Field Bred Springer Spaniel pups due March 11

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Citari Kennel presents Field Bred Springer Spaniel pups due March 11

  David Krassler

  po box 461
          Middlefied, Massachusetts - United States



Citari's Trailblazer-Blaze SH x citari's Smokin Ivy
"Blaze" is a solid American bred English Springer Spaniel with lineage that has proven itself in american field trials and AKC hunt test. without question Blaze comes from one of the top americam field trial studs in the U.S. NFC/FC Denalisunflo Ring. I have had the opportunity to do the early work with Blaze and handle him in AKC hunt tests. Blaze's early success in AKC hunting test has done nothing but prepare him for bigger and better things. Before Blaze's second birthday he had completed all the requirements for his Senior Hunter Title (SH). Blaze has shown the raw material needed to complete his Master Hunter title (MH). bold water entry, takes directions well (on both land and water), and has a excepitional nose. Additionally, Blaze's soft demeanor around the house and tremendous drive in the field is consistent with the strain of spaniels Citari Kennel is noted for. "Ivy's" lineage has proven to be a consistent producer of early maturing pups with phenomenal natural ability and tons of desire to please. We are expecting only liver/white puppies from this litter. As always we stand behind all of our dogs with a written warrantee and would love to work with you to make your days in the field prosperous and enjoyable. Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to talk further about this litter.