AKC GSP puppies are here! Descendents of Graf Vom Vehner Moor

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AKC GSP puppies are here! Descendents of Graf Vom Vehner Moor

  Echo Bristol

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          Richland Center, Wisconsin - United States

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Announcing another litter of pups born 6/26/05 from our fabulous combination that has proven to throw incredible pups.... Sire Maximillion Justice (grandson of world renowned Graf Vom Vehner Moor - previously the most titled GSP in the world, see more below) and Dam Emerald Jewel (Bloodlines- FC Checkmate's Dandy Bo).

Litter of 8 pups, 5 females, 3 males. Ticking is still 'coming in' but it looks like 6 with be the darker liver patching and ticking like the Sire and 2 will be the lighter ticking and patching like the Dam. Email for a link to our website with pix.

K.S. Graf vom Vehner Moor (previously the most titled Shorthair in the world) Ch, MH, CD, CGC, Derby I, NAVHDA Ut Prize I, AZP, VBR, MS, VGP. In addition to the outstanding performace in the IKP, Graf was also awarded the Search Sieger Trophy (Field Search Champion). Judges select the top searchers from among the dogs they judge, there were 27 dogs chosen. These compete for the Search Championship. Graf won that event. The four titles immediately following Graf’s name are AKC (American Kennel Club) titles: Ch is a show or conformation award, MH is the Master Hunter Award, CD & CGC are obedience titles. NAVHDA, the Hunting Dog Association, Utility Award; Derby I, natural ability test, AZP is the Solms Test for older dogs; VBR, "lost bringing test;" MS, sharpness test; VGP, a complicated JGHV Utility Test.

Both parents have Champion Bloodline's - the dad's includes his grandfather Graf and FC Dixieland's Luke. Mom's bloodlines include FC Checkmate's Dandy Bo.

We are sure that you will be nothing but completely satisfied if you choose one of our pups as a new addition to your home. We are independent breeders. Our dogs are all house dogs and family pets. We chose to mate these 2 as we felt it would blend the best traits of both and make excellent hunting dogs, as well as companions. We seem to have achieved that, I can give you countless references of people who have bought pups from these 2 parents and have been extremely satisfied with them. They point without special training and are very intelligent. The mom is extremely intelligent and a very active, athletic dog while the male is very mellow and an excellent hunter with a very impressive pedigree. They love outdoor activity and have a fairly high energy level. They need to be in an environment where they can get exercise daily.

If you are interested in more details please email bristol@mwt.net and I will email you the link to our detailed website with many pix!