Chocolate and Black Pointing Lab Puppies REPEAT GMPR PRODUCING COMBINATION

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Chocolate and Black Pointing Lab Puppies REPEAT GMPR PRODUCING COMBINATION

  Lyle Schut

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APR Cornstalker's High Priest Eli x CPR Cornstalker's Dream Chasin Charlie

Eli meets Charlie REPEAT BREEDING. Pups due September 2, 2019. This chocolate and black litter of pointing labs have proven to be excellent bird dogs and companions. THIS PAIRING HAS PRODUCED GRAND MASTER POINTING TITLED DOGS. These pups are bred for the classic Labrador looks, drive, determination, strong retrieving and pointing, upland and water marking, and the true all around family companion. Eli's pedigree includes dogs that have earned titles on many different venues. In fact, his mother is the only living dog with Master titles in all four, AKC, APLA, HRCH, and NAHRA. Charlie's pedigree is unique as well and adds APLA and Field Testing titles. Some notables in this pedigree are 4x GMPR MHR Baier's Lady Legacy MH, 4XGMPR High Priest of Israel SH, GMPR Northstars Lonesome Dove, 4xGMPR HRCH Cams Prince Charming Duke, APR Northstars Feelin Tips HR, 1.5xGMPR HRCH Tiger of Cattail Corky, and GMPR Wannamaker's Hot Tub SH to name a few. Eli is an APLA Advanced Pointing Retriever and is very muscular, lean, and has a nice broad chest and square head. He weighs in at 78 pounds and has a ton of drive and is simple crazy about birds. Eli is a brush buster in the upland field and covers a ton of ground. He will go hard all day long and will go from quartering hard to stopping on a dime to point a bird. He has one of the strongest, most intense points you will find in a pointing lab. He simply loves the upland field! He is fun to watch and does his upland and water work with much drive and excitement. Eli is a good marker and has an incredible nose. He will locate birds in the toughest of conditions or cover. Eli is a family companion and is a joy to have in our small kennel. Charlie is super intelligent and has always had a strong focus and sense to please, which made her very easy to train. Charlie is an APLA Ceritified Pointing Retriever. She has a great nose and locates and points birds up to 20 yards off at times. Charlie is very muscular and lean and has a beautiful head and chest. She always gets compliments on her looks whenever we are out and about. Charlie loves the water and has plenty of focus to sit in a blind, mark any bird fall, and yearns to retrieve in water or upland. She quarters nice and works close and is one of those dogs you don't need to put a collar on, but just naturally stays close in the upland field. Charlie has plenty of drive and can go all day, but can also come home and shut it off. Pups come with all the health clearances, shots, and 28 month hip and eye guarantee.