Started Dog’s *Triple Threat*

Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

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Started Dog’s *Triple Threat*

  John Michael

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Hungarian Viszla’s are a true triple threat.

1. They perform in the field as a pointer.
2. They perform in the blind/platform as a retriever.
3. After a long day of work, they perform in your home as an amazing pet.

Our started dog success come directly from a successful breeding program. We only breed dogs that will perform the tasks at hand with ease. Our future success depends on the dog we provide you. The circle goes on and on. You and the way you hunt your dog and tell all your friends about is a vital part of this.

Our started dogs will:

1. Be 6-10 months of age
2. Be crate trained (housebreaking additional cost)
3. Have basic obediance (heel, come, sit)
4. Be solid under gunfire.
5. Point out your birds dependably in the field. Anywhere from 30-50 yards.
6. Retrieve those birds to hand.
7. Sit/Stand in the blind and patiently waiting to work
8. Retrieve down birds. Anywhere from 30-50 yards.

Our started dog program begins just as the puppy is weaned from it’s mother. It begins with very basic steps that boost their confidence and ability to perform it’s future work. We gently step the puppy thru the program until we achieve the finished product.

This group of puppies were born in March, which will will make them 8 months old by bird season.

We do a very small number of started dogs a year, which allows us to really do them right. Get your deposit in now. THEY WON’T LAST LONG!