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Schwinn's Funky GSP Puppies

  Justin Schwinn

  KS-United States


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Schwinn's Funky GSP has combined the best American and German bloodlines including Hillhaven's Hustler, Shooting Star, Sharp Shooter, Dixieland, Odyssey and Rawhide's Clown. Bred by a small group of friends over the last 28 years to be staunch upland hunters, strong waterfowl retrievers, and calm family pets.

We are excited to announce our litter out of "Ace" and "Hope". Expected arrival Oct 12-16
These pups are going to be awesome!

Ace, a grandson of Roughneck Walk the Line which is from Sharp Shooter's Man in Black, is truly versatile and special. He hunts hard from the time he leaves the truck whether he is on land or water. He's a true powerhouse that does it all!

Hope is one of our most stylish, 'do anything' females that we have raised and hunted behind. She has hunted pheasant, quail, and waterfowl. She excels at them all as well as being a sweetheart in the house!! Hope will produce high class, hard hunting, and loving family members.

This litter is going to be awesome!! Don't miss out!

$200 to reserve pick order + $600 when ready for your homes
$800 when ready for your home

References available upon request

Call or Text Justin at 785-806-3199