Brittany Spaniel Puppies for sale!

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Brittany Spaniel Puppies for sale!

  Nicole Bento




This is a very intelligent breed used for hunting and is also very adaptable to home life and being around families with children. They are very loving, as well as energetic and would be great in a family home.

Aside from being very energetic, the breed is also calm and tough when put in situations where it must focus on game. This breed would be great for hunting due to its keen sense of smell. This breed is people oriented, the intelligent and event tempered Brittany Spaniels get pleasure from the company of the owners. It has a great stamina; therefore, they need ample amount of exercises for their mental and physical satisfaction. Daily exercises include run, jog and long walks with owners and are easy to train.

The coat is straight, or slightly wavy and of medium length.

-- This breed is considered to be in Group 1 (Sporting) for the Canadian Kennel Club as well as considered a gun dog.

*** Currently they are 4 male puppies and 1 female available.
Each puppy will be sent home at 8+ weeks with a completed registration with the Canadian Kennel Club, their first shots, a bill of sale, as well as a completed pedigree of 3 to 4 generations.

The expected height and weight for Brittany Spaniel
Weight: Male: 20–27 kg, Female: 20–27 kg
Height: Male: 55–61 cm, Female: 54–59 cm