GMPR MPR CP Iowa Pointing Labs Kodiak x Iowa Pointing Labs Keta

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GMPR MPR CP Iowa Pointing Labs Kodiak x Iowa Pointing Labs Keta

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Puppies arrived on July 6th and going home August 24th. Fox red litter of pointing labradors. This is a very fine litter of pups that will be wonderful pets in the home and the hunting field. The price for a pup is $1250. Males and females available. The will have a natural point with an intense desire to hunt hard. The will be great at retrieving ducks as both parents love the water. All the puppies are fox red in color.

Sire:GMPR MPR CP Iowa Pointing Labs Kodiak is a phenomenal pointing Labrador. He has pointed since 7 weeks of age and made it to GMPR at the age of 24 months. His bloodline includes GMPR MH Raider on his sire side and his dam side. His pointing is coming from the Raider bloodline. Kodiak is unique and to our knowledge the only GMPR having a very dark fox red coat which some customers desire. When Kodiak is brought to the line during training or hunt tests he always receives positive comments because of his handsome looks. He like's to play more then the adverage Labrador as he is a wonderful pet with a fun personality. His sister Iowa Pointing Labs Sandy received her CP title faster then any pointing lab ever trained at K and L kennels. It took only three days of training for Sandy to receive her CP title. That is very impressive in the pointing lab world and shows how much natural point is in this bloodline. Kodiak will point birds like a English pointer. That is extremely rare but that trait is what Iowa Pointing Labs is desiring to produce in all their pointing labs. It took Kodiak two weeks of training to put his a CP title on him. Most dogs it takes three months. If you need pointing genetics in your puppies this is the stud dog for you. He has great retrieve drive and marks birds very good. Cody of course is a wonderful pet first as we demand that in all of our bloodlines.

Dam: Iowa Pointing Labs Keta is a phenomenal pointing lab that hits the field hard with a ton of deisre to hunt. You have to drag her out of the field as she loves to hunt. She has pointed since a pup. She weighs 60lbs and has a fox red coat. Keta is a beautiful looking female. She has a wonderful personality and loves people. Always wants to be played with as she loves attention. She loves the water especially to retrieve ducks.